Caddie Opportunities


The Oak Park Country Club is proud to have a mandatory caddie program where our focus is to instill the values of commitment, respect and teamwork.  While on the course, our caddies are expected to hustle, maintain awareness, and keep a positive attitude.  We believe that caddying prepares these young men and women to be successful in future endeavors. Every year, caddies from OPCC may be eligible to earn scholarships from the Evans Scholarship Foundation as well as The Oak Park Country Club Foundation. 
Thank you for your interested in the Oak Park Caddie Program!

To all 2023 applicants:

Thank you for your interest in the caddie position for the 2023 season at Oak Park Country Club. We are pleased to see how popular this position has become in the surrounding communities, and we are continually placing our efforts into maintaining this relationship and attracting talented and hopeful youth. Through a mandatory caddie program, our Oak Park Country Club Scholarship, The Evans Scholarship, and an incredibly supportive membership, we have created an unparalleled opportunity for our younger generation to take their first steps towards forging a path for themselves.

We are no longer taking caddie applications for this season, however if you completed an application we will contact you by March 15th to let you know if you are invited to attend the interview sessions.

Thank you,
Scott Medin
Caddie Manager
[email protected] 
Oak Park Country Club